Sunday, October 17, 2010

My kids are totally doing this.

I think this is a wonderful idea! I want to learn these skills myself and help my kinds understand them someday:

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NessaAnn said...

I admit it sounds fun, but the whole idea is kind of ridiculous in my mind. Forgive me for a small moment of ranting, but the article itself even says the reason kids don't even know these super basic concepts is because they never go out with their parents. I'd just like to say this is reason number 345,987,233,903 for moms to stay home with their kids, so those kids can do exactly what mine do: hang over the mixing bowl, stealing tastes and chatting with mom. Or maybe tromp around in the garden, sniffing herbs and pulling fresh cherry tomatoes off the vine. How many daycares have three-year-olds wrapping their own spring rolls? You sure don't need some fancy shmancy chef to learn about taste -- you just need a mom. Aren't we lucky we had a good one? And I sure hope you can find one who will dangle fresh dill in front of your kids noses someday :) Love ya bro