Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Silence Must End

Pathetic. All of our writings and musings have been on such a halt. I suppose that's what Summer Jobs do to you. School years are such easier times to think. Well, I got back from St. George yesterday. I hiked Angel's Landing on Monday, and it was pretty cool. My uncle had warned me against hiking it because some kid that went with his Boy Scout troop lost his grip on a chain, fell down the mountain and died. It's true, there is over a 1500 feet drop off, sheer cliffs on both sides. On the other hand, the chains were sturdy and the path was still decently wide, only narrowing down to 8-10 feet at a few points. I didn't feel that unsafe. It was fun, to stand out in the middle of a gorgeous, big canyon. In fact, when I got to the "summit," the scene reminded me of that scene at the end of the Land Before Time, when Little Foot and company see the huge fertile valley they've made it to. Well, okay, it was a lot more of a desert than a fertile valley from where I stood, but it still captured that sort of majesty. On an aside, 7 of us hiked it and I think all of us were unfit. Most of us took an Excedrin afterwards because we were getting headaches; my brother-in-law Dave and sister-in-law Megan had it so bad that they both barfed. I don't think i've ever barfed because of a headache before. yet I do have to say that once I got down the mountain I was very uncomfortable, questioning if it was worth it. Yet when I was at the summit, and even now, i think it definitely was. I guess there's a great example where bodily condition can change perspectives.

As for what I've been thinking about: I've been thinking more about embodiment, and my relationship with my wife. I want to enjoy each day with her, because I don't think I really understand or accept that one day they will end. How to make the most of it... Always tough.