Monday, September 21, 2009

Fascinating articles

Here's a few really interesting articles in the ongoing same-gender attraction discussion. First is an article by Elder Bruce Hafen. Keep in mind, this is published in the official LDS newsroom. That gives it a certain air of official-ness (but don't blow it out of proportion, it's not like a new section of the D&C...always worth working through the tangled mess of LDS thought heirarchy). It's a strong position, but quite temperately and rationally written. Probably one of the most interesting, readable and non-polemic articles I've read on the topic:

Second, an article calling into question his scholarship and use of APA research:

I think that the feminist mormon housewife blog makes some good points and calls Elder Hafen and his readers to return to the sources and consider what's being said in general. I don't think their criticism invalidates Elder Hafen's points but they certainly offer more food for thought.

This quote - "If you are faithful, on resurrection morning—and maybe even before then--you will rise with normal attractions for the opposite sex." - is the pinnacle of the Hafen article. It's a huge statement - socially, theologically, emotionally, politically, etc. It is, however, not the only landmark point he makes about LDS opinion (at least his stance, which seems to mirror that of many members) on same-gender attraction.

I think this article is important, as it leads LDS folks to really think through their opinions. The things I've heard from many members are usually vague ideas and parroted responses. Elder Hafen challenges us to actually think it through and be ethical about it. Read Elder Hafen's article, I'd love to hear what people think. I' m sure it'll be a bit divisive, bu I think the tone of the article lends to more reasonable discussion than the topic usually brings out.


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